Welcome at Internationaal Transportbedrijf Nillezen B.V.


For a great variety of customers we take care of international bulk- and tanktransports throughout Europe. We hereby strive to be an extension of our customers. That means 100% service, flexibility, prices in accordance with the market and always doing what we promise!

We carry out most of our transports within the Benelux countries and Germany. At strategic locations we have loads available, so we can always make good combinations. That leads to sharp prices and guaranteed delivery times. Because of that, most of our customers work with us for more then 10 years, for all of their transports. We not only transport to and from Germany, but also to for example Poland and Greece.


For you we transport all available powders and granulates, except foodstuffs and dangerous goods. The last years we have specialised in deliveries for the paper- and carpetindustry. For these industries we transport talc powder, china-clay powder and limestone powder. But we can also assist you with aluminiumhydroxyde, magnesiumoxyde, starch, dolomite, phosphates, quick lime, cement, plastic granulates and a variety of feedingstuffs (GMP).


We also specialise in transport of non dangerous liquids (non food). With our tankers we mainly deliver talc- and kaolinslurry to the paperindustry, but we also transport latex and liquid feedingstuffs (GMP).


The last years we have developed special trailers which are suitable for powder- as well as liquidtransportation. This means that for example we transport liquids up and powders down. Because of these trailers and also because of the lower weight of them, we are capable to offer you the best quality at a normal price, also in geografic areas in which we are not specialised.

About us

Nillezen BV is a real family based company. The advantage of this is a casual atmosphere, short communication lines and the fact that everybody knows exactly what's going on. Because of that we can allways react quickly to the individual wishes of our customers. For the transports we dispose of 60 reliable and experienced (inter)national drivers who are all permanently employed. We also give young, less experienced drivers a chance. They receive a solid training so we have enough qualified personnel in the future as well. We only work with Dutch and German drivers, payed according to the dutch law. This assures our customer that they will be given the highest service possible.


Quality is the most imported value within our company. This is the best way to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. This vision is communicated throughout the whole company, also within our garage, cleaningstation and the education of our personnel.

We are ISO 9001 certfied aswell as GMP+ certfied for transport of animalfeed. Also we are KIWA certfied for transport of Drinkingwater chemicals and SQAS certified.


We operate our own garage where we have a team of 3 mechanics, doing all the necessary repairs and also the preventive maintenance of our fleet. Only computertechnical failures and the yearly inspections are done by other parties.

Because we work with specific equipment, it's important to have our own garage operated by people with years of knowledge and experience, so we can react quickly and efficiently.

For maintaining our silo- and tanktrailers, it's important to know what happens wenn pressure is pumped into the trailer. All couplings and connections have to be in good shape, to guarantee safe operations.

Also the oilfree and low-noise compressors, which are installed on our trucks for discharging our trailers, ask for specific maintenance. Because of our knowledge we can guarantee the quality of your products from loading until after discharge into the customers silo.


To improve our flexibility, we have equipped all our trucks with oil-free and low-noise compressors, a tank with hydraulic oil and a tipping installation. This way we can allways use all our trucks for different types of work.

The trailers are fitted with all different couplings and adapters which are common within Europe. Because of that we are never surprised at your customers. The bulktrailers vary in size between 36 and 61 m3. The tanktrailers have a capacity between 22 and 40 m3.